At Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory we belive it is of the utmost importance to protect everyone’s environment.

We produce everything in Gustavsberg east of Stockholm. In other words, what you who live in Sweden buy from us can be called locally produced, no long journeys over land and sea from low-wage countries.

Leftover mass from the molding is mixed into water and used for the casting of, for example, jugs and sauce boat.

Discarded goods and pulp that cannot be reused are disposed of safely.

The packages received are reused for deliveries.

We are reviewing the transport vehicles we use to make them as environmentally friendly as possible. We test “green transport” together with our carriers. We have chosen more environmentally friendly “green electricity” for our furnaces despite extra costs.

Most of the staff walk or cycle to work. Of course, we comply with Swedish collective agreements and Swedish health and safety legislation.

Our vision is to be more circular and we have started a collaboration with our landlord to re-use heat generated from our kilns for heating of the facilities in the area. We hope to start a solar panel project on our 10 000 m2 roof.