Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory

Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory (Framtidens porslin AB) is a Swedish company. The organization number is 556789-2103.

The Gustavsberg Porcelain Manufacturing was founded in 1825 and has been in continuous operation ever since, under various owners. The last change of ownership took place in 2019.

All our production takes place in the red brick building of the porcelain factory in Gustavsberg, 20 km east of Stockholm. The manufacturing demands high level of craftmanship and most of the operations is done by hand. We have chosen quality over quantity and our bone-china is one of the whitest on the market.

As the only porcelain factory in the Nordic region, we manufacture bone china, ranging from whole tableware to specially ordered Limited Editions. We also manufacture pots, laying dishes and ovenproof molds in stoneware.

Our porcelain and stoneware are stamped with an anchor stamp like the one introduced in 1839 and the text "MADE IN GUSTAVSBERG SWEDEN".

We manufacture porcelain and stoneware for professional kitchens, private consumers, companies and museums. Limited series and unique designs are our specialty.