Marie-Louise Ekman is one of our most collected and legendary artists. The series is four of her famous motifs on Gustavsberg's finest bone porcelain, handmade in Gustavsberg. Only 200 boxes of four plates, numbered and signed, are on sale.
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Welcome to a more creative dining table.


Born 1944

A force of nature that uses all channels for its creation. She is a director, artist, actor, art professor and she has also taken on roles as Rector of the Royal College of Fine Arts (1999-2008) and Head of the Royal Dramatic Theatre (2009-2015). The fact that she is also very inspiring to collaborate with just feels natural.
Marie-Louise does what she wants, and she uses strong and challenging expressions, usually focusing on relationships, sexuality, security and insecurity. The participants in her art both
give and take, sometimes very subtly, sometimes startlingly brutally.
In her collaboration with Gustavsberg, she has chosen four works that she thinks fit well for both concept and context. We have had a very fun together while working on the plates and we are very happy to have her in our Limited Edition series