”Emotional Dinner”
Limited Edition series
by Liv Strömquist

6 396,00 kr ex. vat

Sold in an exclusive, signed and numbered box containing four plates with four unique artworks. The price is SEK 7995 per box of 4 plates.

Only a limited series of 200 boxes will be produced.

Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik has now for the fifth time created a new Limited Edition series.
This time we are proud to present Liv Strömquist and her magical series Emotional Dinner.

Liv Strömquist is a force of nature, active in the comics world, the arts, the media world and the theater where Liv gets her message out. To quote Nordstedt’s publisher:
“Like no one else, Liv Strömquist depicts and reflects the world we live in, while at the same time putting her finger on contemporary – and our own – tender points.”

We are very happy that we were able to give Liv free rein on our finest bone china, handmade in Gustavsberg, so now it’s just for you to enjoy these wonders.

Number of boxes:

177 in stock

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